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Jul 5, 2011 5:00am EDT
the answers later this morning. >>> well, britain's royal newlyweds square off against each other in a race. we'll show you how it turned out. >> speaking of competition, the d.c. area has the rest of the country beat when it comes to females. [ mom ] can a little bowl of cereal change your life? i think it can. one of the challenges for kayla being gluten-free is actually finding choices the whole family will love. then we discovered chex cereals. five flavors of chex are gluten-free, including the honey nut flavor, and that's amazing to a mom like me. as a parent you don't want to have to tell your kids "no" all the time. it's nice for me to be able to say "yes" to something that they want to eat. [ male announcer ] chex cereal. five flavors. gluten free. it can also lead to serious dental problems. [ male announcer ] new act total care dry mouth is alcohol-free and has fluoride to strengthen teeth. stronger teeth and dry mouth relief. >>> 5:56. pretty quiet out there this morning. overnight showers are pulling away. this afternoon by noon, we're 86. we'll see spotty showers at worst toda
Jul 29, 2011 5:00am EDT
and christy turlington have been banned in britain because of it. lindsey mastis has more. >> from "playboy" to "people" magazine, they retouch everything. >> reporter: julia roberts is the definition of beauty. so why would she need to be digital enhanced? dennis at the salon in georgetown says even when he makes a model look perfect with makeup, the picture has to be enhance. >> sometimes lighting effects don't work as well. sometimes removing a shadow. >> reporter: professional photographer chuck bazzio says the same thing. >> it's not shocking, i'm not shocked by this at all. >> reporter: the enhancemented happened on the computer and it's easier than you might think. chuck is woking with $29 program to make me look as good as julia roberts. >> everybody no matter how beautiful they are, can always use a little enhancing in a picture. all right. >> reporter: chuck says his clients have come to expect it even paige cardwell. >> when you know that there's some wrinkles in places and lines in places and they go away, it takes years off and that's nice. but at the same time you didn't chang
Jul 28, 2011 5:00am EDT
britain's news of the world corp earlier this month because workers hacked into the cell phones of soldiers killed in action and other people who had been murdered. a new york private eye was offered money to retrieve phone messages of september 11th victims. >>> more photos have been released of the serial slasher. the man who has been attacking women since february, three of the attacks were on fair oaks mall. he distracted the victims and then he moved in and cut them with a box cutter or razor blade. police are convinced the man will keep striking until he is caught. >>> a suicide bombing in kandahar killed the mayor. the bomber hid the explosives explosives in his turbine. it killed ghulam halder hamidi. he had lived in the washington, dc, until 2007 when he took a leadership role to help rebuild his home land. his friends talk about his desire to help his country mend. >> he wanted to give back to his people in kandahar. >> two weeks ago, the president's half brother was also killed in dan rare. -- kandahar. >>> the closure of walter reid medical center now feels more offi
Jul 11, 2011 5:00am EDT
back to britain. >> bring out the sunglasses, lather on the sunscreen for today. it will be a hot one. yes, you'll feel the humidity. here's your day planner for this monday. by 9:00, mostly sunny temperatures in the lower 80s at noon for lunchtime. lower 90s. 5:00, that evening commute looking like we'll have lots of sun still. temperatures around 94 degrees. right now, 76 under partly to mostly cloudy conditions. air quality forecast for today is unhealthy for our sensitive groups. we do have a little chance for showers and storms late tonight. but here is traffic with kris. good morning, kris. >> good morning, anny. we'll keep an eye on this accident investigation in germantown that has germantown road closed. i expect this to be open by 6:00 is what we were told by authorities. everything is still blocked in both directions. i'll have a way to get around this at 5:17. andrea? >> thank you, kris. making news now at 5:09, a family of seven is dead after a plane crash in alabama. the parents and their five children were returning to their home in florida from a family reunion in mis
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4